inspiring messages

  The messages from God's Word will inspire, challenge, and change your life! Each message is presented in a clear, dynamic way that is simple, relevant and real. Each week study notes are provided in hand and displayed on a large screen for your convenience. 


  We encourage you to listen to these messages from your computer, download them to your iPod, iPhone, get podcasts through iTunes; or better yet, come and listen live! We invite you to come and grow with us!


  Recent messages Listen on Audio and to Watch on Facebook are found below. We pray that you will be inspired, challenged, and changed as you listen and receive from the Lord. Click to watch Sunday Services:  

March 22 - Facebook "You Are Christ's!"  

March 29 - Facebook "We Do Not Lose Heart!" 

April 5 - Facebook "Palm Sunday"  

Easter Service - Facebook

April 19 - Facebook "What's Happening at Your House? PRAY!" 

April 26 - Facebook "What's Happening at Your House? FREE!"

May 3 - Facebook "What's Happening at Your House? NEEDS!"

May 10 - Facebook "What's Happening at Your House? THANKS!"

May 17 - Facebook "What's Happening at Your House? BE STRONG!"

May 24 - Facebook "What's Happening at Your House? IN BETWEEN!"

May 31 - Facebook ""Filled With Care"

June 7 - Facebook "Filled With Hope"

June 14 - Facebook "Filled With Hope - Part 2"

June 21 - Facebook "Filled With Wisdom"

June 28 - Facebook "Filled With Righteousness"

July 5 - Facebook "Let Freedom Ring"

July 12 - Facebook "Life in the Spirit - New Life"

July 19 - Facebook "Life in the Spirit - Abundant Life"

July 26 - Facebook "Life in the Spirit - Power"

August 2 - Facebook "Life in the Spirit - Dreams, Visions, and Revelation"

August 9 - Facebook "Life in the Spirit - Hope in God"

August 16 - Facebook "Life in the Spirit - Renewed In Mind"

August 23 - Facebook "Life in the Spirit - A New Walk"

August 30 - Facebook "Letters from God - Do Not Be Afraid"

September 6 - Facebook "Letter from God - Enduring Love"

September 13 - Facebook "Letter from God - Remain Faithful"

September 20 - Facebook "Letter from God - Stumbling Blocks"

September 27 - Facebook "Letter from God - Hold Fast"