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  The messages from God's Word will inspire, challenge, and change your life! Each message is presented in a clear, dynamic way that is simple, relevant and real. Each week study notes are provided in hand and displayed on a large screen for your convenience. 


  Sunday Services are Live-Streamed and available for you to watch, but we want to encourage you to come and join us live! We welcome you to come and grow with us!


  Recent messages are found below. We pray that you will be inspired, challenged, and changed as you watch, listen, and receive from the Lord. Click the date to watch Sunday Services. Audio Files of Sermons are also available below.

May 15 - Facebook "We Are In A War - Our Weapons Are Mighty"

May 8 - Facebook "We Are In A War - Hannah's Trial and Triumph"

May 1 - Facebook "We Are In A War! Counter the Culture - Part 2"

April 24 - Facebook "WE ARE IN A WAR!  Counter the Culture - Part 1"

April 17 - Facebook "When I Saw Jesus!"

April 10 - Facebook "Drama - 'Three Years Later'"

April 3 - Facebook "We Are In A War - Trust God's Power!"

March 27 - Facebook "Kingdom Persistence and Power - We Are in A War"

March 20 - Facebook "Kingdom Persistence and Power - Be An Overcomer"     

March 13 - Facebook "Kingdom Persistence and Power - Remain Faithful"       

March 6 - Facebook "Kingdom Persistence and Power - Keep Believing"             

February 27 - Facebook "Abraham and Isaac" - Pastor Adam Steinbach              

February 20 - Facebook "The Kingdom is at Hand - Worth it All!"                         

February 13 - Facebook "The Kingdom of God is At Hand - Love!"                         

February 6 - Facebook "The Kingdom of God is At Hand - Good Works"

Worship & Word with Pastor Don Caldwell - "A study on Jeremiah" 2/2/22

January 30 - Facebook - "Believe!"

Worship & Word with Pastor Beth Davis - "The Time is Fulfilled - a study on Elizabeth" 1/26/22

January 23 - Facebook "The Kingdom is at Hand - With You is God!"

Worship & Word with Pastor Heather William - "A study on Elijah" 1/19/22

January 16 - Facebook "The Time is Fulfilled - The Kingdom is at Hand"

Worship & Word with Pastor Mark Steinbach - "Christ's return as the days of Noah" 1/12/22

January 9 - Facebook "The Spirit Empowered Fast"

January 2 - Facebook "The Good News of New Beginnings!"

ONLINE BIBLE STUDY:  Revelation (taught by Pastor Don Caldwell)

Week Thirteen - Jesus standing on Mount Zion

Week Twelve - The Beast wars against the Saints

Week Eleven - The Two Witnesses

Week Ten - Interlude for Repentance
Week Nine - The Fallen Star and Last Three Trumpets

Week Eight - The Seven Trumpets

Week Seven - The 144,000 Sealed

Week Six - Six Seals of Judgment

Week Five - Lion and the Lamb

Week Four - Four Living Creatures

Week Three - Rapture and the Throne

Week Two - Seven Letters

Week One - John's Vision