1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God

          2. Jesus Christ is the only Savior and Lord

          3. Jesus still Saves, Delivers, and Heals today

          4. The Holy Spirit is an active part of daily life

          5. Jesus will Return for His Church as He Promised

We are affiliated with the Assemblies of God, Springfield, MO, and our 16 Core Beliefs are listed below. For detailed information click here. 

  1 The Scriptures are Inspired by God

  2 There is only One True God

  3 The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ

  4 The Fall of Man brought death and the need for a Savior

  5 The Salvation of Man through Jesus Christ

  6 Water Baptism and Communion are provided

  7 The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  8 The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy  


  9 Sanctification - Growing and becoming more like Jesus

10 Missions is a vital part of the church today

11 God called some to full-time ministry, but all minister

12 Divine Healing is prayed for and expected

13 The Blessed Hope - Jesus is coming again!

14 The Millennial Reign of Christ - He will rule 1,000 years

15 The Final Judgment - Heaven and Hell are both real

16 The New Heavens and the New Earth