Westgate Christian Fellowship exists to reflect and relay the life changing power of Jesus Christ!  We will do this in a manner that is simple, relevant, and real. 

     Simple - Love God, Love Others. Jesus said, "These are the two greatest commandments." Everyone is valued and loved, regardless of gender, ethnicity, economics, vocation, or education.

   Relevant - Ministry That Matters. Genuine relationships, anointed ministries that impact real life, and active faith to believe that nothing is impossible with God.  

   Real - Real People, Real Life, Real God.   

At Westgate we are committed to worshiping, connecting, growing, serving, and reaching; all of which are components to produce healthy, mature followers of Christ. 


There are 5 areas of ministry that we are committed to carrying out: 

Worshiping:  a fellowship that facilitates authentic corporate worship in God's presence, and fosters personal expression in daily life.


Connecting:  a fellowship that exhibits genuine openness and care for one another, and encourages strong relationships and community.


Growing: a fellowship that nurtures, equips, and raises up disciples who are mature in the Word of God, passionate for the Lord, and committed to re-create that in others.


Serving:  a fellowship that encourages believers to identify and develop their giftings, and empowers them to be involved in a lifetime of ministry and leadership.


Reaching:  a fellowship that lovingly engages in relationships with family, community, and the world, and actively extends the life changing power of Jesus Christ.


God has brought together a strong core of Pastors and leaders at Westgate, and we believe God has great plans for us, and for every believer at Westgate.  We are laying the foundation for ministries that will impact lives today, but will also grow and touch lives for generations to come. Through prayer and committed people, we expect to plant 3 churches in the Knoxville area, and provide a greater reach and impact in Northeast Tennessee and in various parts of the world.